About Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant and Reviews


The excellent Chinese restaurant in Cheyenne, WY! Located at 3806 Dell Range Blvd., B-8 Cheyenne, WY 82009. Our restaurants uses 100% vegetable oil and offers a wide array of fine Chinese cuisine, ranging from traditional dishes such as Beef with Broccoli, General Tso's Chicken to some special daily entrees and fresh seafood combination created by our chefs!

Come ignite your senses with our fabulous Meat and Seafood. We have a very classic and soothing atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. We offer dine-in and take-out. Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant is the best for all occasions like company parties, birthday celebrations and family friends get-togethers. Yes, We do catering!


 About Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant and ReviewsAbout Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant and ReviewsAbout Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant and Reviews

Sarah M.

I get really nervous about finding new international fare in a new town, especially when the town is smaller than where I've previously lived.  I finally tried Hong Kong Chinese when I was craving international food, but too lazy to drive too far.Service was really quick. No one was in when I got there (around 6:30pm), and I got my food in about 5 minutes.  The food was really good! They did a half order of Crab Rangoon for me, which is the perfect amount - the rangoon was a bit heavy on the cream cheese and a bit light on the crab - but still quite good.  My entree was chicken with cashew nuts.  Sauce was good - it was, again, heavy on the vegetables, and light on the meat, but it was still good.  Good value for the price, though I'd like to see a little more meat in the food.


Angie J.

Love this little hidden gem. We always get the sweet and sour chicken and it is definitely our favorite item on the menu. We have tried other dishes, and they've all been good. Big portions, reasonable prices, always busy, fast service. We usually order to go, and when we call in, our order is ready to go within 15 minutes!  Try the sweet and sour chicken. You won't be disappointed!


Dead Man W.

Probably the worst so-called Chinese food I've ever tasted. The spare ribs were tough and inedible. The entrees, Beef Lo Mein, Sweet & Sour Pork, and Mongolian Beef, and House Fried Rice were tasteless and unappetizing. We had to throw the entire mess away.


Elvis C.

The lunch buffet  is gone , but the lunch specials make up for it , they make the food right if front of you , they don't skimp on the sauces or seasonings, they have a huge menu , been eating there for over 15 years never a bad meal.


Gale A.

This place is terrible not to mention dirty. Chicken fried rice was very questionable. Flavorless, soggy "spicy" general chicken. Don't waste your time on this place.Also the cook was wearing a sleeveless shirt making me wonder about some armpit hair in my dish.


N R.

Lots of food for the money, great taste! The seating is a bit limited, but most do take out.  We'd go again definitely.,,


Nicole D.

Fairly pricey for what you'd expect in Cheyenne, WY but I will say the portions are great and the vegetables are crispy and fresh.  There is not a lot of consistency though- my husband always orders the General Tso as extra spicy, but sometimes it's not spicy at all or is extra vinegar-y.  I love their War-wonton soup.  Good spareribs.  I really, really wish they delivered because while they are good, they aren't good enough to travel out and pickup each time when you want a lazy night at home without cooking.  I will say it's the best Chinese food I've had in town, but I wouldn't write home about it.


Tiffany V.

The best Chinese Cheyenne has to offer. My favorite is the lunch specials with sesame chicken. So bomb.


sharon f.

The best wonton soup In Cheyenne uses real chicken broth. And the dumplings are divine.


Daniel B.

The food is really good for the price and the amount of food you get. I have been to other places while here visiting Cheyenne and this is by far the best around for take out. I would recommend it to others, just would be nice if they had a TV.


Sarah A.

I ate here while passing through town with some friends on Memorial Day. It was tasty, but not the kind of authentic flavors I was craving.You know every Chinese place seems to have their own way of doing things, so here are some thoughts on the items we ordered. We all ordered lunch specials. A lot of food for . If you don't eat a lot, share with someone!General Tso's Chicken - good, not too spicy, had kind of a vinegar-y smell to it, but not an overpowering amount of vinegar as at some places. Egg drop soup - great, I've decided that egg drop soup is never mind blowing, but it can be terrible. This egg drop soup is about as good as it gets.Cashew chicken - I didn't taste it, but it looked great and my friend who orders it wherever she goes really liked it. She also liked the egg roll.Vegetable lo mien - tasty, they include a fair amount of celery and I think there is peanut butter in there. A little strange compared to what I usually have, but good.Teriyaki chicken on a stick - tender, delicious! Order this.Sweet and sour pork - if you like s&s pork, this is great. You pour the s&s sauce over the fried breaded pork yourself. No other favors involved. Overall a really great value, but on a scale of 1-5 I have to give it a 3 in comparison to other Chinese. To me that means it's good. I would eat there again if dining with non-adventurous friends. If dining by myself, I would go somewhere more authentic.


Luke F.

On our way west on I-80 we stopped here.  It's a 4 minute drive off the interchange.  Well worth it.  We had the tofu with mixed vegetables.  It came with a side of rice and was really good.  Enough for two people and only nine bucks with the rice.  We asked them to just put the bean curd in without deep frying it.  They were happy to do it.  Within walking distance in the same outdoor mall is a frozen yogurt place you can go to for dessert.   After finishing we complimented them on the cooking.  They hardly looked up.  They didn't seem to take any pride in their cooking but they should.  It's really a take out place but there's a bunch of tables one can eat at.  Go here for the food, not the ambiance.  When the food is this good you won't care about the lack of atmosphere.


J.J. M.

About as good as it gets for Chinese food in cheyenne.  The portions are generous the price is reasonable, and the food is good.  They are the only Chinese place in town that serves Szechuan, and the szechuan beef I had was delicious.


Adam L.

As good as it gets for Cheyenne Wyoming. The take out is fast and the people who work there are friendly, if you get Chinese in Cheyenne this is by far the best place to do it.


Nicki J.

We love Hong Kong! Huge portions, fresh ingredients, and very nice staff! It is a tiny bit pricey, but worth it because of the quality and quantity!


Rob S.

Arrived at 3 pm, waited 5 minutes for the girl working the counter to get off the phone and take my order. I tried to order the lunch special but she told me it ended at 3 pm. I told her if she got off the phone and did her job right it would not be after 3 pm. Anyways I ordered the Hunan Beef extra extra spicy as one has to do in Cheyenne as this city is anti flavor and spice. When I got my food it was very bland and not one pepper. The chili oil somewhat covered the blandness.


J D.

I absolutely love Chinese food.  We ordered food to go from HK.  We ordered hot and sour soup, broccoli chicken, sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, wantons, and low mien noodles.  When I got it home and looked at the sweet and sour chicken, it was just deep fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce on the side.  There was no vegetables, pineapple, or anything else added.  The rest of the food was avg.  I would get the noodles, egg rolls and wantons again.


Hans O.

This place serves a-ok Americanized Chinese food, but for its demographics its quite good. Prices are a bit expensive for a la carte menu.Clean and waiting staff is polite.


Noah O.

My wife and I stopped here in the middle of the afternoon.  At first I seen their prices and about flipped out.  Then I realized they serve you two meals at a time here.  You're paying + a person, but you have enough left over for your next meal.  I had the Sweet and Sour combination (Chicken, Pork and Shrimp) and it tasted amazing.  The service seemed friendly enough, and the food was good.  In Cheyenne, that's a home run!