Tiramisu ice cream and book tip "simply delicious: sweets, mini cakes, desserts, ice cream & more" by Patrick Rosenthal

Are you sweet-toothed? Sweet tooth? Sweet tooth? Whisk-Whipper and Cake Batter Tester? Great! Because then I have today the ultimate book tip and a great sweet recipe for you! Patrick is not only a pretty hard-working food blogger with a seemingly never-ending pool of ideas under Ich machs me ... just known, but also as a cookbook author of the title I'll make it easy - just delicious: sweets, mini-cakes, desserts, ice cream and more *. And I can already anticipate that: Anyone who likes to eat cake, ice cream and desserts, gets his money's worth here! As an example, I brought you directly Patrick's tiramisu ice cream, which immediately laughed at me.

I've been a big fan of American pastries in any form for quite some time and here on the blog everything started with cupcakes , Patrick and I have this passion in common, so it's no wonder I like his book so much. Already in his blog Patrick offers daily a new creative idea, in which I can not get out of amazement. What he taught and built himself in a very short time is madness. And that is exactly what is reflected in his first book.

Tiramisu ice cream from the book I just make it easy - just delicious: sweets, mini cakes, desserts, ice cream and more

Patrick is also not a friend of ellenlangen ingredient lists and mega complicated recipes, which are divided into tens of different parts and where you as an impatient person quickly loses his appetite. That suits me very much. And yet he creates the greatest ideas that always look like "Wow!". The perfect combination.

The book breaks down into Patrick bakes , where you'll find great ideas like a peanut butter malt tart or toffee and apple brownies in Patrick icy cold and very hot , where I found the tiramisu ice cream and there is an incredibly good-sounding white hot chocolate, in Patrick's breakfast with delicious coconut brioche, in Patricks Desserts from Curd to Panna Cotta and Patrick's Little Sins , quasi a "Best of Patrick" with bars, toffee and popovers. Over 60 individual recipes come together, so that there really could be something for every taste.

 Tiramisu ice cream from the book I'll make it easy - just delicious: sweet, mini-cake, desserts, ice cream and more

It's not just the recipes that come from Patrick's pen, he also made all the pictures himself - this makes the book totally authentic, genuine and simply adorable. That's all Patrick and you can tell. The layout is totally stylish and legible, the ingredient lists are not too long and the instructions mostly short and straightforward. For each recipe there is a separate picture.

The hardcover book with bulging 144 pages has been published by TOPP LAB in the frechverlag and costs 18 € - so you have a great gift idea for other sweet tooth: I make myself easy - just delicious: sweets, mini cakes, desserts, ice cream and more *

And so you know what I'm talking about here, I've tried the tiramisu ice cream and a bit on my taste transformed. So, so delicious!To do this, cut the baking paper into shape so that it is over an edge. Crumple up the baking paper, keep it under water, squeeze well and place it in the mold. So it sticks wonderfully.

Separate the eggs. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff and set aside. Beat the egg yolk with the sugar and vanilla in the food processor or with the hand mixer until creamy. Gradually stir in the mascarpone and whisk everything to a smooth consistency. Then gently sauté the egg whites.

Cut the sponge fingers into pieces that are not too coarse and pull them briefly through the hot espresso.

Pour the ice cream mixture into the mold and spread the sponge biscuits evenly and lightly press into the mass. Smooth, cover the shape with some baking paper and freeze the mixture for at least 8 hours or overnight.

Allow the ice to thaw for about 10 minutes before serving, then carefully lift from the baking paper. Slice and serve directly.

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