Tips and basic recipe for thick, crispy waffles - freshly baked and frozen from the toaster!

Do you know that?
That you really want something so much that you're dreaming about it?
Maybe that's how it goes with a chic pair of shoes or a fine handbag.
Or, to be in our Foodie world to stay, from a Kitchen Aid food processor (not my world) or a great oven with integrated steam function (ok, that's kind of my dream ...).
But I dreamed of a waffle iron Sounds strange, but it is. Not least since my last visit to Belgium. We're not talking about a vile waffle maker for sweetie waffles. I dreamed of thick, juicy, Belgian waffles. Or Brussels waffles. Or Liège waffles. I dreamed of a big, heavy, rotating waffle iron with a lot of power. For perfect crispy waffles. The waffle iron from Kitchen Aid was out of the question, see above. Besides, I definitely wanted to have square waffles. My old waffle iron had always served me faithfully, but the waffles never got really crispy or brownish.

And one fine day I stumbled on this internet about this waffle maker: Krups FDD95D Waffle Maker Professional *. And then dreamed about it. Spend over 100 € for a waffle iron? Insane. No way. So often no one eats waffles that it's ever worth it.
I tried to talk myself into it. For three weeks. Then I broke in and ordered it. I know myself.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, I'm a hunter-gatherer. I stalk my prey for as long as I can stand it, then I slam it. Relentless. And so my outsourced kitchen storage in the study is meanwhile bigger than my own kitchen. What else is her walk-in closet, is my kitchen accessories fleet: my waffle iron, my thermomix, my vacuum sealer. My food processor, my food slicer, my contact grill.

So somehow everyone has their whims, right? So the first hunger for hunting is satisfied for the first time. Let's see how long! And the waffle iron is awesome as expected. It takes a lot of space, but is very stable and makes a very high-quality impression. You can remove the inserts and make it optimally clean and the settings in a total of 6 temperature levels are super practical. I hope I enjoy it for as long as possible!

Tips and basic recipe for thick, crunchy waffles (Belgian waffles or Brussels waffles) - freshly baked and frozen from the toaster!

In fact, waffles are such a thing. You can always eat them. So we at least. Even during baking itself, the loss of nibbling during the process is 25-50%. We like waffles for breakfast, for example with maple syrup or in the afternoon with powdered sugar. Or just pure. Also in the evening.

I do not actually bake waffles so often, but I bake them now and freeze them. That's awesome! You can pack them wonderfully in lockable freezer bags, perfectly stacked next to each other in the freezer and has so with the help of a toaster always, so also spontaneously in the morning, in a few minutes crispy fresh waffles. The clear recommendation for this is, depending on the size the waffles, a long slit toaster. Myself has 8 years or more under his belt and he still performs faithfully: Cloer 3710 toaster for 4 slices *. Of course, I use the plastic bags over and over again to freeze the waffles supply, so as not to unnecessarily produce garbage.After 2-3 minutes you have fragrant, crunchy waffles that taste like freshly baked. Give it a try!

Tips and basic recipe for thick, crunchy waffles (Belgian waffles or Brussels waffles) - freshly baked and frozen from the toaster!

The recipe I bring today is really a totally basic recipe. It makes very simple, but incredibly delicious and crispy waffles. They have bite on the outside and are pretty crispy, but inside they are fluffy and juicy. This makes them ideal for freezing and baking. They contain no yeast, although many expect the Belgian waffles. I imagine that the frozen and fried waffles are somehow tough. I also refrain from knocking the egg whites separately. In fact, the toast waffles in the simplest version taste the best and are delicious and crispy.

The recipe is designed for a pancake-like dough and designed for thick waffles. I do not think he succeeds in a thin heart waffle iron either. You do not have to be as crazy as me and buy a waffle iron for over 100 €. The important thing is just that it is a deep waffle iron.Further information can be found in the imprint.
The linked devices are only my personal recommendation and products that I have bought myself and use myself.