Spiral Seed Loaf - white bread with crunchy swirl

Cinnamon Swirl toast or sponge cake with cinnamon strudel you know by now. Just like normal box white bread, which is probably to buy at just about every baker. Even before Jaaahren (more than 5 years ago, to be exact), I forgot such a loaf. A soft box white bread with a delicious cinnamon strudel inside, perfect for breakfast or French toast or poor knight: Cinnamon Swirl Toast (Rolled cinnamon bread). A normal box white bread or toast bread can be found in my blog: American white bread.

 Box white bread with seed swirl (item

But how about a more unusual swirl and a bread with that special something? ? Instead of chocolate or cinnamon maybe with a filling, which is also suitable for hearty ideas?
Great, then I have something for you today!
A delicious white bread with a grain swirl of sunflower seeds, flaxseed and sesame seeds. A kind of seed bread, only that they are not completely in the bread or on the outside, but hide in a swirl. So you have a bit crunchy on every slice. In addition, some honey comes to the seeds and seeds, so the bread is suitable for both hearty ideas and sweet creations.
The idea for the bread comes from the book Bake it Great  * by Luis Troyano, a participant and finalist at the Great British Bake Off of 2014. These are really nice ideas for all sorts of pastries from basic doughs to eclairs.

 Canned white bread with seed swirl (Swirl toast with seeds)

Fresh and only spread with a little butter, the bread tastes best. However, it can also be great toast or process into a panini. It is allowed, what tastes!
You can also cut the fresh bread into slices and freeze. Simply defrost or toast and continue to enjoy!

The preparation is really easy. First knead a loose yeast dough, let it rise well, roll it out, sprinkle it with the seed mixture, drizzle it with honey and roll it up. Let it go again, off in the oven and ready. You can either bake a large bread in a box or bread pan, or divide the dough and divide it into smaller portions. I divided it into two parts in this case because I still had these pretty wooden baking pans. This bread is also suitable as a great present or gift.

Bread white bread with seed swirl (Swirl toast with seeds)

Bread white bread with crispy swirl

for 1 large box shape or 2 small box shapes


500 g wheat flour type 550
1 sachet dry yeast
1 spoonful of liquid honey for the dough
1 tl sea salt
275 ml of lukewarm water
100 g of mixed seeds and seeds (flaxseed, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds)
1 tbsp liquid honey for filling


Place the flour, yeast, honey for the dough, salt and water in a large mixing bowl and knead with the dough hooks of the hand mixer or in the food processor in about 8-10 minutes to a smooth, smooth yeast dough. Possibly.To use two molds, first cut the dough in half and then roll it out one at a time.

Sprinkle the kernel mixture evenly on the dough, leaving about 3 cm each side to the sides. When using two molds, distribute half of the mixture on a single dough. Sprinkle the honey over the seeds and roll up the dough from the long side.

Slightly beat the two ends and place the loaf in the prepared box.
Cover the loaf loosely and make the dough again 20 Let it go for a minute.
Cut the surface twice with a sharp knife and push the bread into the preheated oven.

Turn the temperature back to 175 ° C after 10 minutes, then turn the bread over Bake for 40-45 minutes until it is crispy and the underside sounds hollow when knocked on. Allow to cool on a wire rack.

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