Sous-vide cooking for the home - with product presentation and recipe for beef steaks with crispy potatoes

Have a merry third advent together! Are you still looking for the perfect steak for Christmas dinner or a Christmas present for a cooking enthusiast? Then you could find it today.

I myself am a big fan of sous-vide-cooking. A few years ago, I already told you about a cooking class I attended: a sous-vide cooking class with Hubertus Tzschirner. By the way, Hubertus also produced the standard book for sous-vide cooking in book form: Sous-Vide - the entry into gentle gardening *.

Sous-vide literally means "under vacuum" and that's what it's all about: Foods are vacuum-packed in special foil bags *, welded watertight and then gently cooked in a water bath at below 100 ° C.

So there is a possibility of low-temperature cooking. Meanwhile, there are also more and more steamer and stoves that have sous vide functions, but my oller oven can not do that. And so far, the devices that exist in the professional sector have simply been too expensive and too unwieldy for me. For truly authentic sous-vide cooking, a highly accurate thermalizer is needed in professional circles, which has a maximum of only 0.1% deviation and at the same time evenly circulates the water and a real chamber vacuum, with which one can not only vacuum glass but especially liquids in the bags. But we are talking about a four-digit amount of pure equipment costs, so that was not really interesting for me so far.

For amateur chefs, there are now but also affordable equipment: simple beam vacuum cleaners come so often in the Private household for use and the pools, so the thermalizer or now also known as Sous-vide-Garer devices are now available for household use on the market.

As I happened to see the two devices at Klarstein * on the I was immediately interested and asked the company for test equipment, which they kindly made available to me: The Vakuumierer * costs under 80 €, the Sous-vide-Garer *, which can also be used as Slowcooker, depending on the way Color under 100 or 120 €. Just the right thing to give it away for Christmas or give it to yourself. Overall, Klarstein has a variety of exciting household helpers in the range, which are also presented in beautiful recipes directly in their blog Urban Hunger * and in the form of recipe ideas by Enie *.

The devices from Klarstein have a much lower price in comparison to professional equipment.
But are they also useful?

 Sous-vide for the home - with product presentation by Klarstein for vacuumers and thermalizers (Sous-vide-Garer ) and recipe for beef steaks with crispy potatoes


You just put your desired food in the corresponding vacuum bags (please do not use normal freezer bags or plastic bags!) and add a few herbs and a little liquid. As the ingredients stew in their own juice, they develop a much stronger taste and do not require much seasoning. That's why I would not use too strong spices and not necessarily salt too much in advance. If you prefer to add a few herb sprigs, a piece of butter, a sip of olive oil or wine to the food to be cooked, make sure that the edge of the bag stays clean and then place it in the vacuum sealer. The easiest way is to place the vacuum sealer directly on a worktop edge and let the bag hang down, orSo always place the food side by side and do not stack each other, because otherwise no uniform cooking is guaranteed. To insert the bag correctly, the lid must audibly click into place. Now you can either choose the automatic system, which is first vacuum sealed and then directly welded or slowly approach the desired result with the Pulse function and weld it manually. It is important in any case that no liquid is sucked into the device - you must always timely stop or cancel the process! If you want to be on the safe side later, put the bag on again and weld it again, just above the first weld.

First point of criticism that you often hear gets: The beam vacuum does not draw a complete vacuum.

That's right. He can not. This has an impact on the use of raw foods that react differently under vacuum. But for normal household use and the desire to cook something in a water bath or to marinate meat, it is sufficient.

Second criticism: You can not vacuum liquids.
That's true and it's a drawback if you would like to give larger amounts of wine or water in the bag. But I use only a sip of liquid, so usually wine or oil and then vacuumieren always very slowly and by pulse button, so that the liquid is pulled up slowly. As soon as I realize that it is rising too high, I quickly choose the welding program and everything is tight. In my opinion, this is also quite sufficient for normal household use.
Dry ingredients, however, are not a problem anyway and I also use the vacuum sealer for nuts or hard cheeses, for example, to make them last longer.

 Sous-vide for the home - with product presentation by Klarstein for vacuumers and thermalizers (sous-vide-garer) and recipe for beef steaks with crispy potatoes


The pan of the cooking appliance is simply filled with water, the appliance is switched on, the desired duration and temperature are selected and off you go. All this is also according to the instructions for use. The preselected time only runs when the entered temperature is reached. When that happens, the device will beep with a beep. Unfortunately, you can not adjust the time thereafter, but the device must be switched off and on again, whereby the temperature of course also directly down again something and the device must reheat, which leads to slight fluctuations. In addition, the minimum time is one hour, which can be too long depending on the court. I would therefore always recommend more time to schedule and to ask a separate kitchen alarm clock. Since the technology is still in need of some improvement. I would like to have a more flexible time delay and also the possibility to change this time setting later.

The Garer heats the water to the desired temperature to cook the food perfectly. There are various temperature tables on the Internet, matching books and also in the instructions for use you will get some information.

Biggest criticism here: The manufacturer indicates only an accuracy of 1 ° C. That's why I additionally checked the water temperature with a digital thermometer and the fluctuations are really minimal.This is usually enough for larger pieces of meat such as a piece of roast beef or similar. When filling one must, of course, on the one hand pay attention to the displacement, so you must not fill too much water, also you must remember that the inserted food first cools the water again. It is best to put it in the water bath at room temperature whenever possible.

Another drawback is that the device takes an awfully long time to heat up the water. But with a little trick you can manage it: simply fill in hot water from the pipe or fill room-warm water with water from the kettle to get as close as possible to the desired temperature. Then it will not be long until the device has adjusted itself. At the touch of a button or with the help of an additional digital thermometer, you can determine the exact temperature in between. It is, however, advisable to lift the lid only as seldom as possible, so that not too much heat escapes. This could have a negative effect on the cooking process.

Last important point: Cooking takes a long time. Really long. You definitely have to plan that when planning your meal. The food is cooked until it reaches the core temperature according to its thickness. At least that's the simplest application for home use. Professionals like to cook faster at a higher temperature and measure the core temperature with an infrared thermometer. For home, I would always rather play it safe, set the desired core temperature and then cook the ingredients just as long, until they have reached this temperature. In the instructions for use there are corresponding tables. It takes time, but the preparation is very easy and while cooking, you can devote yourself to other things.

Many things can be prepared accordingly, kept in the refrigerator and then either just before serving heat. When cooking itself due to the low temperature namely no roasting, so that meat and vegetables should then be seared again hot. Theoretically, one should also first fry the food and then weld it, but I have not tested this possibility so far. I like to roast freshly cooked meat fresh in a hot pan and serve directly.

 Sous-vide for the home - with Klarstein's product introduction for vacuumers and thermalizers ( Sous-vide-Garer) and recipe for beef steaks with crispy potatoes


Let's come to the actual point why you should cook sous-vide at all. Once you have eaten a piece of meat cooked slowly in a water bath, you do not want to cook it normally in pan and oven. It gets buttery and retains its full flavor. A little rosemary, thyme, garlic and olive oil in a bag, with little effort for true taste explosions. Even with vegetables, the application is awesome: I have never prepared so tasty, intense tasting potatoes and carrots. Of course, from a cheap piece of meat or an old potato, a gala menu is not magically conjured up - the result is only as good as the ingredients used. Just because you taste so much of it.For me as a hobby chef, the possibilities are absolutely sufficient. If you allow enough time and cook the food by the way, the cooking method is a wonderful way to prepare vegetables or meat to perfection. I have not checked the energy consumption yet, but I think that it is much less than with an oven or conventional stove and more in the range of an economical slow cooker. The only drawback, of course, is the use of plastic bags, which can not be reused and thus produce garbage.

The two Klarstein devices, however, were able to convince me fully in the application - especially if you follow the tips and tricks mentioned , So if you want to enter the world of sous-vide-cooking, without wanting to cook regularly professional menus, I can absolutely recommend the devices.
I also give you my two entry-favorite recipes directly with you!

 Sous-vide for the home - with product launch of Klarstein for vacuumers and thermalizers (sous-vide-garer) and recipe for beef steaks with crispy potatoes

Crispy Roasted Potatoes

For 2 Servings


10-12 triplets or La Rat potatoes
2 sprigs of rosemary
2 sprigs of thyme and some coarse sea salt
Olive oil


The sous vide -Gar with hot water ( as hot as possible from the line or with the help of the kettle pre-tempered) and set to 85 ° C with a time of 1 hour. While the device preheats, scrub the potatoes with shell thoroughly and pat dry, then halve lengthwise.

Put the potato halves in a bowl, chop the herb sprigs a little, add a pinch of sea salt to the potatoes and add a sip of olive oil (approx. 2 tablespoons). Thoroughly stir the mixture until all the potatoes are wet with the oil.
Carefully fill the potato halves with the herbs in a bag, making sure that the upper edge remains clean and free of grease. Leave excess oil in the bowl and do not put in the bag.

Place the bag in the vacuum sealer and vacuum as far as possible, being careful not to suck in oil. Weld and store the bag at room temperature until the oven is preheated.
Then place the bag in the oven, rack with the grate if necessary, and cook the potatoes for about an hour.

Just before the end of cooking Heat a large pan to high temperature. Put some olive oil in the pan. Open the bag directly, let the potatoes slide into the pan and fry until crispy all around.

Alternatively, after cooking in the sous-vide-garer, let the potatoes cool off at room temperature and place in the refrigerator or for use just keep warm with water in a low temperature bath (eg to prepare meat) on the same day and sauté immediately before serving.

Beef Steaks medium-rare

For 2 Servings


2 large or 4 small hip steaks, each 3 cm thick (approx.56 ° C (rather rare would be 54 ° C, rather medium about 58 ° C) and set for 1 hour.
Then place the steaks in the garer, if necessary, complain with the grate and cook.

Heat a pan (preferably a heavy iron pan) very hot shortly before the end of cooking, remove the beef steaks from the bag and cook for about 30 seconds in the hot pan directly from each side.
With salt and pepper sprinkle and serve directly.

The two devices used were kindly provided to me by the company Klarstein * free of charge for my product test. That did not affect my honest reporting. Personally, the two products convinced me in the test, so I like to use them in my kitchen. All links marked with * lead directly to my cooperation partner.
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