Just a small annual review: My # foodblogbilanz2015

For a long time, I've been wondering if I should write a post at the end of the year or a summary of the year. Maybe a New Year's Eve recipe? I just did not come at all for the preparation this year. As so often! Neither at Pentecost, nor on Halloween or Nicholas, there was something special here - but I'm just not the starting blogger. Would not have given the opportunity with the poppy seed strudel and I would not have caught the 24th door of Zorras advent calendar - even Christmas would have been more or less unusual. Because it's not important to me personally either. I blog what I like and when I like it. If I think it suits or I really want to share something.
I just have too many things in my head, I'm busy with my work and I often have 8 hours on the computer at night No more wanting to sit down at home and keep typing. For photography and proper cooking I usually come only on the weekend and also this year were often very full. After all, I also wrote two books this year. My muesli book What's for breakfast? Muesli! * Was released in September, my juice book What to drink? Juice! * Will be released next February. Since the blog remained so many times this year on the track, which was always a pity. But the more pressure I make myself, the stupid it will eventually, and so I have deliberately taken time out again. Sometimes nothing happened here for two or three weeks. The world has not gone down and its readers have remained anyway. So it's time for a quick review.
And that's why I was so happy when I just came across the 2015 Foodblogbil von Feines Gemüse. I'm there! This year, Toxic Blonde collects the posts under #foodblogbilanz2015.

1. What was your most successful blog article in 2015?

Two articles this year are especially notable in terms of number of views and comments. Just two pretty simple recipes have gained your full attention. At the beginning of the year, it was the cinnamon bills, towards the end my basic recipe for waffles with tips for waffle iron and freezing. You still seem to like sweet baked goods the most.

 moey's kitchen foodblog - just a small review of the year: My #foodblogbilanz2015

 moey's kitchen foodblog - just a small annual review: My # foodblogbilanz2015

second Which three of your own blog articles from this year meant the most to you personally?

One of my favorite articles is the article about the Street Food Festival in Cologne: Chinese pork belly, fried Oreos and Soft Shell Crabs: A visit to the Street Food Festival in Cologne. Through the event, I met incredibly nice people, we met again and again and I was at almost every street food festival.Cereal! - I was so nervous! Would you like it? What would you think of it? And I got so much positive feedback and nice reviews on so many channels. Thank you very much for that!

 moey's kitchen foodblog - just a small review of the year: My # foodblogbilanz2015
A favorite recipe to pick not so easy - after all, I like all my recipes! One of my favorite contributions, even if it does not contain the most exciting recipe or the most beautiful pictures, is certainly the story of Brussels sprouts and how he defeated me. I was so ready and a few times about to throw everything away. A few more times this year I've come across this story and slowly turned into a running gag: Lukewarm brussel sprouts salad with crispy chorizo ​​and roasted almonds - or: How the sprouts beat me.
moey's kitchen foodblog - just a small review of the year: My # foodblogbilanz2015

3. And which three from other blogs inspired you the most?

Even if it does not suit my abilities and my own style - whoever fascinates me again and again is Uwe from High Foodality. At the man a star chef has been lost. How he arranges the plates, which flavor compositions he invents, that is true art. And it still tastes good! Of that I was able to convince myself. One of my highlights was Uwe's interpretation of the classic Leipziger Allerlei.
An absolute new discovery for me was the blog Nachschlag - Esskultur in Wort und Bild by Johannes. How he is able to put situations in words on paper inspires me. Take a look and read one of my highlight articles: Ethnographic Notes - Foodcamp Oberpfalz - Kitchen Madness 1. We had some great days together in the Foodcamp and were allowed to Nicholas together with Nata a great vegetable dessert from pumpkin pie with parsnip cream, beetroot with pear and dill sugar at the # bordeauxlicious evening.
And before I name a third post, I'd rather list all the blogs I come up with spontaneously, because I like to be inspired by them: dinner at eight , Small Curio Shop, Culinary Pixel, Heart Food, Cucina Piccina, NutriCulinary, S Cuisine, Kitchen Boy, my cooking love affair, Fine Vegetables, Lisbeths Cupcakes & Cookies, Food with a View and much more.

4 , Which of the recipes you published in 2015 did you cook most often - and why?

Call it crazy, but it's not often that I cook a dish multiple times. Of course I also have classics, such as fast pasta dishes with sage butter or a brisk tomato sauce. Otherwise, I rarely cook recipes several times. This is more the case with cakes. If I like something, I can bake it umpteen times. Like the orange cake. Or like the waffles, of course.
 moey's kitchen foodblog - just a small review of the year: My #foodblogbilanz2015

What else is there for me over and over again is oven risotto. This is so simple and versatile, the perfect celebration dinner and tastes incredibly good.Which cooking or blog problem was your concern in 2015? And have you solved it?

As always, the lack of daylight in the dark months bothers me as well. You could solve it with a daylight lamp (now I have three of them!), But I just never like it. So it's only taken at the weekend, the result is irregular blog posts.

6. What was your biggest culinary rediscovery this year - which food, which recipe, which kitchen technology, which taste has opened up a whole new world for you?

Funnily, I discover something new every year, which I never did thought possible. After rhubarb and avocado in recent years, this year it's olives. How could I live without olives before? They are so delicious! Anyway, but also in a tagine.
Just a small annual review: My # foodblogbilanz2015

For me, there is also a total progress that Sous-vide -Garden is now available for home use and, above all, affordable.

 moey's kitchen foodblog - just a small review of the year: My #foodblogbilanz2015

seventh What was the best (or funniest) keyword that visitors came to your blog on?

Honestly, they're just too many, and the meaning is often unrecognizable. Whether it's about wall design with oil paint or what's called honey in german , it's just too bizarre. Unfortunately I could not answer questions like What weighs a cauliflower Can I eat Serrano ham in my pregnancy? . How someone could bring the term spisesteder blokhus to me is just as puzzling as the query flour in ml . It is and remains exciting.

8. What do you wish for you and your blog for 2016?

I wish to continue my serenity as before, without bowing to my own pressure or external pressure. I also wish for time for all the things that I would like to implement here. And of course I wish that my readers will continue to enjoy my blog and remain true to me in 2016.

Have a nice New Year's Eve, a Happy New Year and a Happy New Year great start in 2016!