I'm a lemon sorbet, get me out of here! #ibez - Recipe for delicious refreshment not just for watching TV

Hello. I'm Maja and I'm watching the jungle camp. So, now it's out. If you have not already seen it on Twitter, because at the moment I am romping around with other bloggers every night under the hashtag #trashsisters. Trash TV is such a little secret passion of mine.

Usually I turn on my TV once a week - it's always automatically on ARD HD for the weekly crime scene. This is just my Sunday night ritual before the alarm goes off again on Monday morning and starts the new work week.

If there were not 2, 3 dates a year, turning me from the anti-television goblin into a real Trashsister. In addition to the said jungle camp, this also includes Germany's Next Top Model. But well, now you know. On Saturday, the spook is already over, so do not worry.

Until then, I have this nice little refreshment for you, ideal for long trash TV evenings. Incidentally, it's great to go cold - just because all the wonderful citrus fruits are now ripe and juicy. Try a winter lemon sorbet. Anyone who already trembles at the thought - it tastes otherwise in the summer quite fabulous. You only need 4 ingredients and the trickiest thing to do is bravely wait while it cools overnight and then freezes later.

The lemons are freshly harvested and unsprayed from/from Mallorca. I like to order them especially in winter at the best harvest time with oranges. Incidentally, I made the candied lemon peel in the picture exactly like my candied orange peel, it works just fine! And so you get the full benefit of the whole lemon directly.

The recipe idea comes from one of my favorite ice cream books The Icecreamists * by Matt O'Connor.

I've got the book bought in England, but unfortunately never found the ice cream parlor. The book is out of print, the ice cream parlor has not surfaced until today, fortunately my colleagues had the title translated into German even before my time in the publishing house and brought here on the market: The Icecreamists - Exclusive ice cream and other vices *. Well, breast milk may not be for everyone, but the other "normal" recipes are really great as well. So also the following lemon sorbet.

I absolutely recommend the preparation in an ice cream machine. It works in both the icemaker, which I have as an addition to my Kenwood food processor as well as in a compressor-ice machine. I've bought this machine in the last year and have not regretted it to this day: Unold Ice Cream Maker Cortina * - you do not have to freeze a bowl and can always make fresh ice cream.

Here I have already reported something and one Logs away from my favorite ice cream recipe: Creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanuts and chocolate fudge.

The coming summer is coming! If you do not have an ice cream maker, you can also fill the mixture in a flat bowl, freeze it and stir it about every half an hour. Then you get a delicious Granité or a Granita.

So if jungle camp, menu, Sunday or barbecue party - the sorbet always fits. Have fun! I'm in the jungle - who else is there?

 fresh lemon sorbet served in glass

lemon sorbet

for approx. 500 ml


200 g sugar
150 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice (from about 4-5 lemons)
grated peel of 1 untreated lemon


Put the sugar together with the same amount of water (= 200 g) in a small saucepan.The sorbet should not contain any more pieces of the shell later.

Transfer to a well-closed box and place in the coldest part of the refrigerator at least overnight.

The next day, follow the instructions of the Prepare the ice cream machine - the clear syrup turns into snow-white ice while it freezes. After about 40 minutes in the compressor machine you have a soft sorbet. If you want to have it even stronger, you can put it in a freezer-suitable vessel and let it freeze for about 2-3 hours in the freezer compartment.

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