Homemade Mate Iced Tea - Hipsterlimo make yourself very easy

Hello, my name is Maja and I like to drink mate ice tea.
Who does not know the crazy hipster shower that you either love or hate?
No bearded, nerd-bearded hipster who does not walk the streets with a bottle of mate in his hand. No re: publica without tons of mate bottles. Not a kiosk with at least one kind of Mate Iced Tea.
It's just a total cult drink, but it's only taken aback by many and shaking their heads. It's really delicious!
 Homemade Mate Iced Tea - Hipsterlimo made easy from home for mate tea
I definitely belong to the group that spicy , like earthy, tobacco-like taste. Or as my beverage retailer used to say: "Tastes like root from the bottom!".
For me, a great, invigorating coffee substitute, an ice tea, a soda. And even better, if you can do it all at home, so you know exactly what's in it. That I did not come up with this ingenious idea myself!
 Homemade Mate Iced Tea - Hipsterlimo made easy from home for mate tea
As Clara of Tastesheriff before a few After weeks of publishing her simple and ingenious recipe for Mate Iced Tea, I was instantly hooked and experimented directly with: Right Mate Tea * - Unshaved, Fair Trade, Organic and Not Too Dusty. Preparation optimized, drawing time, water temperature. Experimented with sugar and sugar, raw cane sugar, whole cane sugar and regular sugar, creating my own mate iced tea.
 Homemade Mate Ice Tea - Hipsterlimo made easy from home for mate tea
Since the carbonation in the finished drink does not last that long, I first create a kind of Mate concentrate, which I then each fresh with mineral water to serve up.
The result is not too sweet, beautiful earthy, tart, slightly lemony and thus a perfect refreshing drink - just made by yourself! If you prefer a sweeter taste, switch to normal white sugar and increase the amount of sugar to a maximum of 100 g.
Thank you for the brilliant idea, Clara!
Homemade Mate Iced Tea - Hipsterlimo made easy at home Mate Tea

Homemade Mate Iced Tea

for at least 2 liters


4 El Mate Tea
1 liter of tap water
70 grams of whole cane sugar
Juice of 2 lemons
1 - 1.5 liters of cold mineral water


If the mate tea is too dusty, you should first sift it a bit if necessary. Then remove four tablespoons heaped for the preparation of the sifted tea.
Bring 1 liter of water to a boil in a small pot - preferably directly on an induction plate or prepare with a kettle. If you have particularly lime-containing water (as we do here in Cologne), you should filter the water beforehand.
Let the water boil for a minute, then remove from heat and leave to cool for one minute.Strain the decanter on the sugar. Mix well. Add the lemon juice and stir well again. Allow the liquid to cool completely, then refrigerate.
This mate tea is now the basis for the soft drink. To make a mate iced tea pour just a few ice cubes into a glass, half fill with the Mate concentrate and pour on the same part with well chilled mineral water. Possibly. experiment with the degree of dilution for your own taste and use more mineral water than Mate concentrate. Enjoy the same!
Filled in bottles with a tightly closed lid, the carbon dioxide keeps a little bit half a day.
The Mate Concentrate itself keeps well sealed for a few days in the refrigerator.

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