Einkochmarathon, California anticipation and a portion of mango frozen yogurt!

Sun 20 glasses of Bolognese, 6 glasses of oven-tomato sauce and 4 jars of tomato jam later, my weekend is almost over. For that, I stand proud of my treasures and think that we should come so well over the winter. I still want to do a few things, but most of it would have been done.
In the middle of my cooking marathon yesterday, suddenly the news reached me: I'm going to California for the walnut harvest! How awesome, crazy and unbelievable is that ?!
You can still remember my contribution to California and the Zorra competition, for which I create a California walnut tart with cream chesse frosting and walnut caramel have?
The idea for the tart brought me already in the second round and thus in the top 15 of the participants. Yesterday, the jury's decision came: I won!

I'm still floating somewhere over the floor - the whole week I was shaking and hoping and hoping; compared my tart with the other creations and made me think. And then I was just completely overwhelmed, had to call directly my mother, danced through the living room and blasted like a honey cake horse. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming trip and would like to thank the jury and my traveling companions (aaahhh, my fellow travelers) Zorra, Sandra and Simone and of course the Californian walnuts .

On so much luck and the shock now but first an ice, right?
At the weekend it was finally nice again and you could guess something like summer - that's why I'll knock you out a cold blast. (I'm not mentioning it's starting to rain right now ...)
I'm a big fan of homemade ice cream and have had a great Unold Cortina ice cream machine  * in the closet, which is used regularly , Quick times are just a few delicious ingredients stirred together and you can also spontaneously conjure up an ice cream - unless you heat the ice base and only let it cool. Otherwise, the great thing about supercharged machines is that they can start stirring right away.

 Mango Ice Cream with Yoghurt, in an Ice Cream Container

That's why a fast-made ice cream is one, for example Frozen Yogurt - you only need a few ingredients and get a pretty tasty result. I had two sweet ripe mangos at home and Greek yogurt in the fridge - that was a combination. The nice thing is that you can make a frozen yoghurt well without an ice cream maker - just mix all the ingredients together as described and then put them in a freezer suitable container. Stir at the beginning about every 30 minutes with a fork, then let it freeze through and enjoy!

If you have an ice cream machine, you can enjoy it faster, but sometimes I freeze the ice a little. Incidentally, I discovered the beautiful ice bucket in a Dutch store and it's perfect for making your own ice cream!

Even though Greek yogurt has the highest fat level of 10%, I would strongly recommend using it for its creaminess , Instead we abstain completely from cream - and if the mango is ripe and sweet, you do not need any extra sugar!Cream yoghurt (10% fat)
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp honey (optional)


Peel the mangoes and pulp in Cut the dice.

Add the yoghurt, lemon juice and, if necessary, honey (if the mangoes are not sweet enough) to a high mixing bowl, blender or other blender and use a blender or blender Mix thoroughly until a smooth, creamy consistency is obtained.

Place the mixture either in the ice maker or place in the freezer as described above.

About 15 minutes before serving Freezer.

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